• Quito International Airport is at the heart of the country’s aviation activity, thanks to the quality of its cargo and passenger operations and now as a professional training center.
  • A key aim of the training school is to provide quality training based on the highest standards of the aviation authority.

  • For the sixth consecutive year Quito’s airport has been awarded South America's Leading Airport title in the World Travel Awards.

  • Corporación Quiport’s efforts are reflected in the high levels of prestige that the Mariscal Sucre has reached among its users and the air transport and tourism industries.

On June 25, 2019, the Provincial Chamber of Tourism of Pichincha (CAPTUR) unanimously appointed Andrew O’Brian, President and CEO of Corporación Quiport S.A, as the new Principal Member of the Board of Directors.

  • Spain’s principal airline increases the frequency of flights to improve connectivity between the two capital cities.
  • The Spanish airline bets on the Ecuadorian market; with this latest increase signifying a 16% increase in seats per year.

  • Plus Ultra launched its operations this Friday, July 12. It is the latest Spanish airline that will encourage tourism and trade between Ecuador and Spain.
  • Corporación Quiport’s management of Mariscal Sucre Airport has resulted in an airport service which has achieved prestige in the eyes of its users and the air transport industry.

This week, the Tenth Pan American Aviation Safety Summit was held in Quito. It is one of the most important aviation safety events in the region, recognized for bringing together civil aviation authorities, aircraft manufacturers, airlines, airports, air traffic controllers, flight schools and industry associations to review safety statistics and trends that will drive the sustainable development of air transport in the region.